Why WordPress is best Website builder

WordPress is one of the open-source website builders which provides you with extraordinary easy ways to create your website. Today as of 2020 WordPress powers around 35% of websites only. With more than 60% share in the content management system, WordPress is a leader in its game. WordPress adds more than a million users every six months. Being an absolutely free application WordPress has a lot of features that not every new user may be aware of. Sharing with you the top benefits and features of using WordPress for your website.  

Free and Easy to use

WordPress is totally free to use CMS. You will get regular updates from WordPress. It’s designed in such a way that anyone can easily understand and use it. You don’t need any prior knowledge in web development or coding to work with WordPress. Most of the features in WordPress CMS is self-explanatory. One just needs to know how to create good contextual content for their Blog/Website to work with WordPress. An author just needs to publish his/her content rather than doing all the web building, that’s possible to a great extent using WordPress.

Easy to create, update and delete Posts/Pages

With the new feature to add blocks to your web pages and posts, WordPress is been always easy for the publisher. An Admin can create multiple author’s account who can dedicatedly work on content creation. This also provides a sort of control for Admin to protect the website’s architecture from any updates or deletion. Authors can only create and remove the content which they shared on the website. Also, multi using at the same time. Control/Change your post-page URLs, designs, and Metadata with few clicks in WordPress.

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Select from thousands of website themes

So you may be a good author or have a great content idea. But all of this is worthless if your website doesn’t have an eye-catch theme. A website theme decides the look, menu, navigation, and overall outlook. With WordPress, one can select from thousands of beautiful themes for Free. But when it comes to select pro/Premium themes those may be paid one, which you can find throughout the internet. Before purchasing any premium themes check out the popular free themes available on WordPress they are all self-sufficient.

Select from thousands of plugins

Plugins are like the extra gadgets which help to overcome any short comes. Although WordPress is a self-sufficient CMS along with extra plugins it boasts your website to a great extent. The plugins in WordPress can have many different proposes but it all helps to enhance your website. WordPress has plugins to clear your cache, boost your site SEO, designing your site, can collaborate with other services like Google console, analytics, and more. The best part is most of these plugins in WordPress are Free to use.

Easy and vast support

Nowadays everyone first approaches the web for any issues in day to day life. For any issues or how to do queries related to WordPress one can easily find a solution on the internet. Tutorial and study material related to WordPress web development is available online for Free. Which makes it easy and quick to technology.

A leader in its Field

Since its launch in 2011, WordPress has seen exponential growth over the decade. As mentioned earlier WordPress has around 60 percent share in CMS and website building applications with more than 35 percent of websites on the web are built on WordPress. With great power comes to great responsibilities, WordPress has always taken care of its consumer website’s security and integrity with regular update.

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Reasons why WordPress is best Website builder


As requested by a few of our friends, we have tried our best to convince you why WordPress is one of the best website builders available today. Website creation using WordPress has been an easy and quick solution for any web developer. Maintain and take quick backups with free plugins and don’t worry about any data loss by mistake. We hope you have got a complete review of WordPress in this post. For any new request for a guide or review contact us.

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