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Published/Updated on 29th April 2020 – #DuringCovid19Pandemic

You have a lot more downtime now during the lockdown and it is up to you that you choose to waste your free time or you choose to invest that time to do something productive. I think one of the productive things you can do is actually to learn a skillset. Because once this pandemic is over, the world will start spinning again. What are you going to do after that? There may be even some who would lose their job because things are different now, so why not to prepare yourself during these days so that you can find a new one! So are you ready to grab the new opportunity that may come your way? There would be many of you who were waiting to switch their job, go for a new promotion, start a new business. Whatever you want to do after this crisis, basically what would allow you to do a lot of these things, are your skills.

In order to develop the skillsets, you need to first focus on the below mentioned four criteria’s :

  • A skillset that has an immediate impact on your life, your career or business. Something which you can learn right now and you could implement.
  • Skillset which doesn’t take you years to learn, like that doesn’t need you to go back to school or college days again. Instead, you could go for something which you can learn in months or in a matter of weeks
  • Skills you can learn from the comfort of your home and which does not require you to go to any physical location.
  • You can learn at your own pace, totally depends on how much you can cover within a period of time.

So, let’s see what all valuable skills you can develop during your free time which can enhance your career.

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1. Coding Skills

Coders, programmers, developers, software engineers, they will always be in demand, especially after this pandemic. After this, the companies who survive will change and will think differently to increase their market capitalization. So, people who know PHP, CSS, HTML will be in demand. So if have an interest in it, or thinking about it, then coding skill is an extremely valuable one to become more accomplished.

2. Digital Marketing

This one is connected with the coding skill. More businesses, more companies, if they had been doing some business online or they had been selling online, then after this COVID -19 is over they will become more motivated as it would become a necessity for them now. The businesses which were offline earlier would now think of doing it online. Like for gyms, where people are going in and out, the owners can now think of taking their fitness skills online. So, if you know how to build a funnel, generate traffic, how to do media buy, build websites then you will be high in demand.

Even though you may not be thinking of doing digital marketing all the time, but if you are good at these skillsets you can surely bring that to your table at an interview and it would add more value to your resume.

3. Web Designing
Web Designing

Mobile applications may have taken over, but companies, businesses and governments still spend a lot of money on their website design. This is because the website is the online storefront of any business. There is no such successful business which is not online without any website. For more consumer overflow, it has become important to build a website first for any business. Earlier, programming skills were required to build a website, but today you can become a web designer within a day or week and earn a handsome salary.

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4. Closing Skill
Closing Skills

This is the ability to sell products or services over the phone or over the internet through video calling. Closing would be one of the highest demand professions in the world because companies need revenue now. Now companies are thinking of bringing their sales team online, like to have a remote sales team instead of a team with a physical location. So if you have the ability to close the products or services over the phone , companies are willing to pay you a hefty commission. The companies now need skilful salespeople more than ever and thus they need revenue and closers.

5. Project Management Skill
Project Management

Now because people are working remotely with the help of slack, zoom or any other business platform, with so many projects going on, creates a demand for project managers. So moving things more to virtual, project managers or just people with the management skills would be in demand because now people would be even working with other team members, remotely.

6. Video Effects and Editing

The world is moving away from written content to visual content. At present, there are more video consumers online and they are reaching content consumers. This is the reason why Youtube has many followers. A video helps us to understand things within a short time than a thousand-word article. Most of the video editors make more money than the article writers. So if you are interested in editing videos or creating video ads then Adobe Aftereffects and Adobe Premiere Pro are commonly recommended platforms. You can learn this skill within two weeks and start earning 500 US dollars afterwards.

7. Copywriting

Every single social media post that you see, every single email, ad or landing page are done by companies that do any kind of advertising or content marketing will always need copywriters. In order to stand out in this marketplace, companies will always need someone to write their content on social media. Any company, which does online marketing will always need a skilful copywriter. It is a learnable skill and has nothing to do with writing. You just have to close and sell the products and services.

8. Youtube vlogging

If you have any idea or know something which other people don’t know, then you can go for this option. People nowadays are looking for videos more to learn things within a short period of time. There may be people out there who would be interested in learning from you, but it will all depend on your presentation and the ability to deliver things properly.

Youtube has around 1 million users per day and the professional youtube bloggers also earn well by publishing their videos on their channel. It is one of the simple skill to start a business and if you commit to this path then it will surely pay off in the long run. You can learn this skill within two weeks, start your channel and start increasing your followers to become a successful vlogger.

9. Photography

For some, this may be just a hobby, while for some others it may turn into a business for a living. Photography as a career has become very vast. If you are a professional photographer you can learn and improve your photography skills, but if you are just an enthusiastic photographer then you can surely look forward to this and make it a career by joining photography courses available on different platforms, and during worldwide lockdown Canon, Nikon is even providing free courses.

There are different fields available in photography like fashion photography, street photography, wildlife photography, sports photography, wedding photography, e-commerce photography and many more. Besides these, you can also sell your photographs online via websites like SmugMug, istockphoto, Shutterstock, Photocrati, Fotolia etc. You just have to learn the photography techniques and enhance your portfolio to build up your career in this field.

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So, this is the right time to do whatever you had ever thought of doing during your free time and become creative in life. Whatever you ever had thought of learning, whether it is for earning money or just to have fun, you should do it right now.  You just need to figure out what you are good at. Instead of making this quarantine period stressful for yourself, try to make it more fulfilling and worthy!

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