Hey everyone!

Today we are taking the next step in our release of the RYON product.

We will be running a short Beta phase, probably no longer than a week, prior to official release to make sure there are no major bugs or issues within the system.

As the new product is built on top of our NodeBuilder technology we are not expecting to experience many issues hence the short beta before release. However in order to complete our Beta phase we, of course, need beta testers – and this is where you guys come in!

We are looking to fill 10 beta tester slots from our community and to do so we are running a Twitter competition.

The competition is live now!

The rules are very simple:

  1. Retweet and like the competition post – https://twitter.com/apollonxap/status/1071829782281764864
  2. Follow the Apollon twitter account – https://twitter.com/apollonxap
  3. Join the Apollon Discord server – https://discord.gg/BScXCQM
  4. Share this article from our website on your Twitter feed – https://apollon.one/project-ryon/

The competition ends on 15th December and 10 winners, who have fulfilled all the pre-requisites for entry, will be selected at random.

Good luck all and thanks for taking part!

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