Hey all,

I hope everyone is looking forward to the coming holidays.

Here at Apollon HQ we are hurtling towards our Beta phase and full launch of RYON at breakneck speed!

Markus is working flat out to get the platform ready for Beta ahead of Xmas although as always with these things there is always a small chance the beta will start after Xmas.

However, in preparation for launch, we have two new pieces of news

1 – Our successful winners of the RYON Beta phase were announced yesterday (please reach out to Ade | Apollon on Discord for further instructions) and these were as follows:

  • @Badoff2_0
  • @JimmyMcCrypto
  • @JMcElroy96
  • @Paleofooddk
  • @Phpedrosof
  • @Planetpiers
  • @PoletinZurab
  • @stak420
  • @Stuart26163825
  • @xavelha84

2 – Our 3rd VPS provider was selected by our community via a Twitter poll. And we’re pleased to confirm the 3rd provider will be Aruba! Aruba’s hosting fees tend to be cheaper than Vultr and Digital Ocean so it will be interesting to see what number of our customer decide to choose to use Aruba over the current main providers in the node hosting space.

Full results of the poll should be visible here but as you can see it was pretty close between OVH and Aruba and for a short time OVH was the preferred option before Aruba pulled ahead.

And finally…. the team finished drafting our new whitepaper yesterday and it is just going through the final touches before we release this. We hope to issue this around the same time as the RYON launch so please keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Happy holidays all!

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