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OK so in this article I’m going to talk about Project RYON, recently announced by Apollon, and what this exciting new service will mean for customers and how they can use this to bring down their node hosting costs.

So what is RYON?

RYON (Run Your Own Nodes) is a new service currently in development by Apollon and using the existing NodeBuilder tech we will be reducing costs for customers of Apollon to one of the lowest levels seen in the market at present.

The main aim of RYON, as mentioned above, is to bring much lower prices to the customer – this has been prompted by requests from our community but also by Apollons desire to innovate wherever possible and above all put the customer first.

First I’ll explain the concept of RYON and how we are able to use this to lower hosting costs.

As most of our community are aware Apollon utilises technology within our platform which allows us to run mulitple nodes on a single VPS (Virtual Private Server). A VPS is a server you can rent online from any number of companies for a low monthly cost.

What RYON does is provide this technology to our customers to let them ‘stack’ nodes on VPS’s they rent themselves.

This diagram shows how the RYON platform deploys nodes to the VPS the customer rents

The diagram above details how the Nodebuilder platform will deploy ‘RYON’ nodes to a VPS the customer rents


Using the Nodebuilder platform customers will be able to deploy nodes to their VPS’s in a similar manner to how they are deployed to Apollon hosted VPS’s. The tech is the same – but RYON provides the customer with many more options.

Ok, let’s talk pricing!

As already mentioned at Apollon we are attempting to provide one of, if not, the cheapest hosting solution out there within the mainstream masternode hosting market.

So with this in mind we’ve pulled together a pricing model which we believe delivers both choice and value to our customers.

We’ve also decided to run a short promotion to give early adopters access to the lowest prices possible for the first 12 months – the prices we are offering for the RYON service are:

Release Promotional Pricing:

Weeks 1 and 2

  • Setup fee is free.
  • Monthly service fee for one year – $0.79 / node

Weeks 3 to 6

  • Setup fee – $1.99 / node.
  • Monthly service fee for one year – $0.99 / node

Ongoing Pricing:

  • Setup fee – $2.99 / node.
  • Monthly service fee – $1.29 / node

Monthly service fee includes NodeGuard automated masternode updates, VPS-local masternode monitoring and Zendesk support.

Planned release date (subject to change): January 6th, 2019

Price’s look great! What total costs could I be looking at?

Well as we’ve already stated the customer pays for their own VPS rental cost. So the total cost per node will be heavily dependent upon which VPS provider you use, what spec VPS you use and how many nodes you decide to run on the VPS – don’t worry if this sounds a little complicated. Apollon will make conservative recommendations, via the platform, to avoid you inadvertently over-loading your VPS or choosing the wrong spec VPS.

For the examples below we’ll assume the customer is following the same stacking model used by Apollon for Nodebuilder hosted nodes ($5 Ubuntu VPS from Vultr hosting 5 nodes).

Weeks 1-2 after launch:

  • Per node VPS cost – $1.00 (Vultr cost as mentioned above)
  • Monthly cost for first year $0.79
  • Total monthly cost for first year – $1.79 per node (includes estimated Vultr cost above)
  • Set-up cost per node – $0.00

Weeks 3-6 after launch

  • Per node VPS cost – $1.00 (Vultr cost as mentioned above)
  • Monthly cost for first year $0.99
  • Total monthly cost for first year – $1.99 per node (includes estimated Vultr cost above)
  • Set-up cost per node – $1.99

Ongoing after week 6

  • Per node VPS cost – $1.00 (Vultr cost as mentioned above)
  • Monthly cost: $1.29
  • Total monthly cost for first year – $2.29 per node (includes estimated Vultr cost above)
  • Set-up cost per node – $2.99

If you decide you want to stack more nodes onto a $5 Vultr VPS then the costs above reduce. With other providers which offer cheaper VPS solutions these prices could be improved upon further – the beauty of RYON is it puts all the control in the hands of the customer.

Right, so costs look great, what are the steps to deploy a RYON node?

I’ll simplify these steps as much as possible. They are very similar to the Nodebuilder deployment experience with a couple of additional steps:

  1. Customer opens an account with a VPS provider of their choice and adds a funding source to their account (usually a debit or credit card).
  2. Customer obtains an API key from their provider (Apollon will provide guidance and support on how to do this)
  3. Customer downloads the Nodebuilder software, registers an account and credits this using XAP.
  4. Customer chooses the node they wish to build and selects one of the provider options presented within the platform and supplies the API key previously obtained.
  5. Customer chooses the VPS they wish to deploy to.
  6. Nodebuilder/RYON deploys the node, configures the wallet and starts the node.

All of the above will be covered in set-up guides and videos prior to launch.

So I hope this blog provides a bit more detail on what RYON is and how it will operate.

If you have any questions please add them below.

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