Online Tech Freebies during COVID19 Pandemic

Published/Updated on 03rd May 2020 – #DuringCovid19Pandemic

COVID19 pandemic has locked downed most part of the world. From their homes, people are learning new things daily. To provide any easy opportunities to people to get know products and course materials, many companies and institutes are providing their online courses and products free. Check out the top companies and their freebies during COVID19 pandemic.


Being a leading tech site online, Google already have many free courses for their products like AdSense, Analytics, Digital Marketing and many other courses. You can get to know all there ongoing and planned webinars, courses, certifications, tools guide and more. Browse through all Google digital courses on link – You can anyway explore google courses anytime but as a special consideration for current COVID19 situation google is providing extended trials for their products like G-Suit, Google Meet (Hangouts) and more. Google Cloud team is helping fight against the pandemic with their product and services.

Coursera Online

It is a leading online learning portal where people can pursue online diplomas, certification and shot term courses. Amid  of COVID19 pandemic, Coursera is offering free courses in collaboration with leading world universities. You can select from thousands of courses for topics of your choices. It can be languages, IT and Coding, Digital Marketing, Medicine, Business Management and more. It is a great opportunity to grab the required knowledge in your subjects from the leading institutes free. For certification you may require to pay.

edX Online courses

Its similar to Coursera, as of now you can access to more than 2500 courses from around 140 leading institutes. Again, for certification you may require to pay the desired amount. Select courses from niches like computer science, language, data science, business management, engineering and humanities. They also have a dedicated blog where you can get regular updates on course and learning suggestion.

Harvard University
Hardvard University

The Harvard University is providing certification courses for free during the lockdown period. All these courses would teach you various concepts of different subjects like Computer Science,Data Science, Programming, Mathematics etc. in detail and getting certified on the successful completion of the course. As of today there are about 60 courses available for free in their website. The duration of the course if from about 0 to 12 weeks which depends on the difficulty level of the course. To get enrolled in these courses, you can log in with any of your accounts such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft. Those who wish to take only the course it is free for them, but if you wish to get a verified certificate from the University ,then you will have to pay a certain amount which depends on the course you enroll for.The University is also providing a course for developing mechanical ventilators for COVID19.

Columbia University
Columbia University

This is an advance level course offered by ColumbiaX in Robotics.It is a 10 week program which requires prerequisite knowledge of the subjects like calculus,linear algebra,basics of computer programming and python.This course is free but if you desire a verified certificate, an amount of $249 is required to be paid.The course will help you learn how to program and navigate mobile robots, manipulate arms of robot and to represent special relationships of 2D and 3D coordinates.

These are just few freebies that we mentioned. Many leading IT and services companies like BGC, TCS, Accenture, IBM are helping with their products and services to help fighting the pandemic. Most of the university courses can be found on online learning portal like edX and Coursera.

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 We hope all the current situation around the world gets better quickly. You can refer to data available on biotech sites free if you are into research and development. Google cloud is serving their peak by providing solutions for the health research community to identify new therapies and treatments; and assist hospital systems with tracking the pandemic and providing telehealth and remote-patient monitoring solutions. However, that is another topic to discuss. Be safe be at home.

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