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Have you ever thought of a world without the Internet, dreadful! isn’t it? But at present, you cannot even pass your daily life without the internet. We use all sorts of applications based on the web in our daily routine. However, if you are the one who does not have their business online, then you are surely missing out billions of web consumers. The first thing you need to do to make your presence on the internet is to create a website, for which you may be paying a third person or company a good bucks. However, in real-world creating and managing a website does not really cost much. So, we are going to share you with a guide on how to create your own website in just a few steps.

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Who needs to create a website

People having their own business or thinking to set up one should consider creating their site to reach maximum consumers:- 

  • Local business, shops and restaurants to promote their products.
  • Photographers, models and persons in media industries.
  • Bloggers, Vloggers and content creators.
  • Digital marketers and Affiliate marketers.

3 Steps to go live with your website

Yes, you can go live with a website in just three steps. To make the post brief we have included basics steps to start with your website creation.

  1. Get a domain

  2. Get a hosting

  3. Configure your website
1. Get a Name

A domain name helps the users to easily identify your website online. is the domain game for your favorite search engine. Likewise, you need a domain name for your own website that will help users to identify you on the web. There are some sites from where you can purchase your domain, like,,,, and more. Many people make mistakes in buying an irrelevant domain for their proposal sites or business. Follow the below steps to make sure you get the perfect name for your domain. 

Select the prefect domain and DNS name

So if you already have a name for your business/restaurant/work, always try to keep that as your domain name and try to get the .com DNS(Domain Name System). DNS name .com stands for commercial and one of the top-level DNS names. Let’s take an example, if your restaurant name is umifoods, then first you should try to search for

Domain Name Registration

However, nowadays most of the time you will not get the .com domain that you search for since most of them are already taken. So try to get the DNS which best suits your business like if you’re based out of a country, city, a niche you can select a domain name like –,, or
But if you are targeting a wide range of audiences throughout the web then try to keep a top-level DNS (.com, .org, .net, .int, and more) for your website. Note: You can’t own top-level domains like .gov or .edu online unless you own or have proper permissions to get these domains.

Search, Research and Choose the best domain

You can get a domain from any trusted provider. Always make a good decision and research a bit to get your domain at the best price. Some providers may be providing initial promo for your first domain registration. Most of the domain providers run referrer programs so check with your friends or online for any such benefit. The most domain names will not cost you more than 15$ but if you can save your 10 bucks then why should not try it.
Not all domains cost you around 15$, if your domain name is a premium one then the price varies. Also, if you are buying a domain from auction or marketplace you should be more cautious, but that’s a different topic to discuss. Let’s continue with building your first site.

2. Get a

So after getting a  domain name for your site, the next step is to get hosting. Being a technical person, or a non-tech also, you must have thought at some point where to store all your content. A hosting provider gives you that storage on their server where you can store your website data. Follow the below step to select the best hosting for your website.

Select Free Hosting or Paid Hosting

So there are few sites that provide free hosting, one of them is Google itself. It provides free hosting for all its blogger sites and google sites. One can develop their site and add a custom domain to blogger and google sites. The major demerit of using blogger and google sites is one can customize and add plugins to their blogger site.
Paid hosting is always a better option since you can use any content manager like WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Jimdo, etc. It helps you to easily customize your site and boast with plugins. Some of the most popular host providers are HostGator, Digital Ocean, Bluehost, Namecheap, and more. All of them have different plans for monthly and yearly billing.

3. Configure your
Initial Setup

Now you got your own domain and hosting settings. So now let’s move to our last step to configure your website. Before going ahead of just making sure you have done all your initial setup. If your domain provider and host provider are different, make sure the domain Name Servers are pointing to your hosting. But if your host provider and domain provider are the same then no need to worry your domain will point to your site only.

Upload WordPress to your domain

It’s easy to upload WordPress to your domain, the most hosting site provides you with one-click WordPress installer or Cpanel access through which you can install WordPress to your domain. We advise you to go with WordPress content manager since it’s the most used and trusted website builder. One can get all sorts of tutorials to work with a WordPress site. There are other site builders you can use, it’s all up to you to decide a wise choice.

Select a perfect theme for your site

So if you set your mind to use a WordPress site, initially you may set a default theme for your site. There are thousands of WordPress themes available for free. Choose the one which best suits your business or website. Like, if you in the restaurant business then maybe you need a site with a static homepage but for bloggers and news websites you should choose a blog kind theme.

Create posts, pages and update your site

We have done with all configurations, now it’s time to update your website and create your pages and posts. All the able steps won’t take more than an hour but part of updating your site with real content may take days to months. Try creating unique and well-defined pages for your website. Firstly, start with all the details about you and who to contact and reach you. Also, regularly update your site for new changes or posts.


As requested by our friends we have shared with you a brief idea on how to create your own website. You just need a small investment of at max 20$ to start with your website creation. Then maybe a monthly 5$ for your hosting bill. The estimate shared are for basic-medium size website creation. Some of you have requested to explain how to rank your websites on search engines, that’s a different topic and we will soon try to cover that on our upcoming posts. Feel free to contact for guides you want us to include. Share your comments for any queries related to the post.

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