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As we all know world has already moved to video contents. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok, all the major social networking sites are working to enhance their platform to seamlessly support the video contents. You might be good with capturing/recording videos but to give it a final shape an easy editor is required. Inshot is one of easiest app to edit your videos on Android/IOS mobile devices. Apollon.One is sharing with you an easy guide to edit your videos.

Make sure all your videos are handy before going for any edit and follow the below steps to quick edit your videos using Inshot app.

1. Starting with Inshot Video Editing

Launch the Inshot app on your mobile device. Under the ‘CREATE NEW’ option select ‘Video’ then New.

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Inshot does not require any login to start. You can also explore the other options to edit Photos or create a college. On setting options you can upgrade your App to Pro version, change your language, Change the path for saving file and more. Do explore and find more features yourself.

2. Selecting Videos and Configuring initial settings

Once you select the new video option, you are asked to select from all videos and photos on your mobile device. Select all the media you want to work on. Click on the video from the timeline and configure the basic video settings like Trim, Speed, Rotate, Flip or Copy. You can make changes as per your requisite. You can also reduce video volume / mute in the video setting. Note that these settings are particular to one video, so you have to work on individual video settings separately.

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3. Add Audio, Text, Filters and Stickers

Once you are done with configuring with your project and merged and trimmed videos as per your need, Start with adding the extras.

You can add audio to your project, this can be any song you like from your file manager or the featured music available on Inshot app. You can even give voice over with the record option. All the audio setting can be accessed under the Music. You can also select from effects sounds like instrument, animals, birds, insects, situations, kids and more.

You can add text to your videos using ‘Text’ option. Enter your words/quotes with your keypad. Colors, Fonts and Effects for font can you changed once you done entering your words. Once all text settings are completed you can control the appearance time of your text on time line.

This option allows you to add filters and effects to your videos. If you like to add same effects to all your videos in your project simply select the double tick option on the left side. It allows you to easily set the same tone to your entire project on one click. You can also adjust the color components like lightness, contrast, warmth, saturation and more under the same filer option.

These are the new trend in video editing. Sticker option is more relevant when you are creating birthday, anniversary, celebration or troll videos with all funny animation or image. You can also use images from your file manager as stickers. Once you add any sticker, you can control its appearance time on timeline, like for music and text.

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4. Finish and Export your Video

Once you have your final editing done, make sure to play the video from start to end to check for any debris and correct. Now select the save option from the upper right corner and select the quality of video you prefer. Advise : Always select the highest available quality. The video conversion will take some time. Once done you can easily share your video from Inshot app or check the video on Inshot folder.

Hope you were able to find the guide to edit your videos on Inshot helpful. The best feature which we loved the most on Inshot is its capability to save all your work on drafts automaticlly, so you never loose anything accidentely. We have covered the basic tools and options available on Inshot in the above guide. Do explore yourself for more options on Inshot and leave a comment for any queries related to Inshot App. To get to explore the latest materials like stickers, effects and music upgrade to a Pro version. This guide is requested by one of our friend, if you want any similar guide related to tech contact us.

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