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Apollon RYON Demo – Deploying up to 7 XAP masternodes on one Digital Ocean VPS

In this video, I will demonstrate we can deploy up to 7 Apollon (XAP) masternodes on one Digital Ocean VPS.

RYON which stands for ‘Run Your Own Node’ is a new service by Apollon that allows users to control the cost of their masternode hosting. RYON still makes use of our NodeBuilder technology but allows users the option to choose their own VPS provider as well as to decide how many masternodes they want to ‘stack’ into their VPS.

Any masternode coins supported by NodeBuilder will work with RYON. RYON currently supports Digital Ocean and Vultr as the VPS provider, and Aruba will be added soon. More VPS providers will be added in the near future, giving our customers even more options.

The ability for Apollon customers to stack multiple masternodes into a single VPS allows for significant savings, compared to existing masternode hosting providers. Once fully launched, RYON will cost $1.29 per masternode per month with a one-off setup cost of $2.99 per node. Assuming a customer can ‘stack’ 5 masternodes on a single $5 VPS, it can potentially reduce the cost of running a masternode down to only $2.29 per month per node.

However, Apollon is also running a 6-week promotion whereby customers signing up during this period will get discounted prices for 12 months as follow:


Release Promotional Pricing:


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