7 Apps to Keep you Fit

Technology has made people lethargic and out of shape specially during this worldwide lockdown when all the Gyms are closed. Working from home and sitting in same posture for a longer period of time may strain your lower back and to support that you need to have a strong core. Even if you are not a gym person and do not want to spend money thinking whether you will be regular with it, what you can  do is just download a fitness app and start doing different workouts which will keep you hale and hearty and lead you to a healthy life. Most of  the health issues occur due to overweight, which can be dealt with now staying indoors. So here are some of the best and free apps in no particular order which can be even upgraded if you want and may will cheaper than gym subscription.

Sworkit Fitness

It is flexible app which allows you to choose between different categories like strength, cardio, yoga and stretching. You can set specific time for which you would like to workout and also transition time between different workouts. You also have an option of skipping an exercise if you are not comfortable doing it. This is a free app which can be upgraded for additional features, but with variety of tools it is a really good app to use.

My fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal

This app is mostly to do with food and diet and not much with workouts. So basically it keeps track of your calorie intake and gives you breakdown of all the nutrients you are consuming in a day. All you need to put your height and weight, and this app will calculate the calorific value that you need to maintain. Now many of you would not be interested in counting calories, but if you are serious about your fitness regime then you need to set a goal everyday. It has the feature of scanning the barcode of food items and tell you how much calories you will be consuming.


This wellness app allows you to experience the real fitness class environment with its camera. It is an app without limits. You can track your nutrition plans according to your goals, huge classes and tough training programs are available. So this is an all in one app with free trial.

7M Women
7M Women

This is a 7 minutes workout app specially for women. It has different categories and levels depending upon your potential. The app has video tutorials which shows you step by step procedure to do workouts along with details about the exercise. The interface is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and advanced. You just need 7 minutes from your day to sweat out your fat.

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Nike Training Club (NTC)
Nike training club

It has an intuitive interface which makes  it easy to filter and sort the workouts. Each workout in this app starts with a warm-up with each trainer guiding you. It shows you proper form of each exercise which makes it easy for you to follow it step by step. It has its paid premium version that offers guided programs and workouts but majority of workouts in this app is totally free.


It is a calisthenics and a progression app. You can start from zero level and go upto higher levels within weeks. From muscle up training, strengthening your core or working up on your back, this is a great app if you want to grow strong. This app comes with a timer and visual indications to guide you throughout your workout session.

Weight loss Fitness
Weight Loss fitness

This a 30 day free trial app and after that it costs you $14.99. It has a six week program which focuses on weight loss. So if you want to slim down, this app is highly recommended.

7 Minutes Workout
7 minutes workout

This is a free app by Johnson & Johnson with a simple interface and timer. It shows exercises which you can do in short space of time. One of the best feature of the app is that you can select your fitness instructor. The free version comes with one preloaded full body circuit which contains twelve exercises which can be done for thirty seconds each and between each exercise there is ten second rest time. You also get the option to adjust the exercise period and the rest period between each exercise. You can also upgrade the app by paying some amount.

So these fitness apps take you from where you are to where you want to be and you can no longer blame technology for your laziness. You just have to become health-minded and set your fitness goals. The more healthy and fit you stay, the more beautiful life you live! Leave a comment for any queries related to the post.

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