6 Websites to Learn from Anywhere

Published/Updated on 28th April 2020 – #DuringCovid19Pandemic 

Learning is an integral part of everyone’s life. We learn new things throughout our life, it’s a never-ending process. In the time of technology, learning is been more approachable and reachable. We have a lot of apps and websites to learn new things. Today, we are going to share with you top websites to learn new things online.

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Udemy (udemy.com)
Udemy Learning

Udemy gives you a vast verity of subjects to select from whether it’s IT, Software, Literature, Language, Marketing, Photography, Cooking, and more. You just name and you can find a topic related to your choice. One can review the existing feedbacks for the courses and tutors to make your choice. The best part with Udemy is you can find in-depth detailed videos for each of the topic. You can find certification courses in Udemy. You can find a few free courses and paid courses won’t cost you much but you have to pay for individual courses. If not satisfied, some courses even provide you 100 percent money return guarantee. You can find many promo coupons for Udemy courses online, so do a bit browsing before making your payment.

Lynda – LinkedIn Learning (linkedin.com/learning)

Lynda is now known as LinkedIn Learning. You can find more professional and business-related courses. You can select from more than 15000 courses. They also provide certification for each of their courses. Get personalized suggestions for your preferred topics and subjects. You can access it through your mobile devices and can download the courses for offline learning. The best part of LinkedIn Learning is you don’t need to buy any individual course. You can either select your monthly or yearly plan, give it a try with a one-month free trial. Improve your business/technology/creativity skills with LinkedIn Learning.

Coursera – (coursera.org)
Coursera Online

Coursera provides you with courses which are been created and developed by leading universities and institutes in the world. They even have degree certification for a few courses. You can select from more than 3,900 courses and specialization which help to boast your professional career. Most of the courses on Coursera are career-oriented which results in benefits like promotion, pay rise or job switch. Many of the leading firms have collaborated with Coursera to enhance their employee skills. You can find courses to be Free but for certification, you need to pay.

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Skillshare – (skillshare.com)

It’s similar to the Udemy, you can find a-z courses to learn on Skillshare. One needs to get a premium subscription to get access to all the courses. No need to pay for individual courses. You can find the best design and UI/UX courses on Skillshare. They provide good quality content that keep you engaging throughout the course. They have easy and comparable quick short guides for your choices. Build your career with Skillshare professional courses on Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, and more.   

Masterclass (masterclass.com)

As the name says, get the classes for the Masters themselves. Masterclass allows you to get the knowledge from the masters in any field you love. You may be in love with Films, Music, Cooking, Fashion, Photography, Technology, and anything you imagine. Masterclass gives the user platform where they can learn from their favorite celebrities. All the instructors are experts in their fields so get to know their approaches. Gordon Ramsay for Cooking, Annie Leibovitz for Photography, James Patterson for Writing, these are just a few names you can learn from best in the world as your instructors. All these courses are available in the best HD quality. You can get the App version from Play Store, App Store, Amazon, or Roku. It’s a paid subscription, check the Masterclass site for details.

Khan Academy (khanacademy.org)
Khan Academy

It’s mostly for school and college students/teachers. Covers all the K1-12 schooling subjects like Maths, Physics, Science, Economics, Computing, and more. They also provide courses for competitive exams like SAT or GMAT. They have professional who develop their each course material so you can trust them for accuracy. If you are a teacher then you can contribute and monitor your students’ performance to Khan Academy it’s FREE. As of now, it’s being mostly used in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and India.

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