5 Quick Video Editing Apps

Published/Updated on 06th May 2020

Video editing is just another way of adding life to your clips or pictures. You can manipulate and arrange them in a way which tells a story or creates a short  movie. You can trim, split, merge, add effects, overlays, texts and many more to convert the clips into a piece of art.  To make editing of videos easy and to add quality to your clips many applications are available for free and some are even paid apps. If you are fond of posting videos on social networking sites, then these apps would definitely be of use and will help you to standout. 

PRISM Live Studio
Prism Live Studio

This is a free app which can be used on your phone to edit videos  according to your requirement .You can trim the video, add transitions, text,stickers,VHS overlay,effects, music  and many more to the video. You can directly upload the edited video to any social media or just save it for future.Further, you can also livestream on youtube or multistream to other platforms such as instagram, tik tok etc. with this app. It allows you to stream at 720p or 1080p.You can also remove or add watermark if you want.


Inshot is a faster and user friendly app that can be used by anyone without much effort. It is one of the functional video apps which is available for free in the play store. Inshot takes just seconds to import the snapshots or clips to the app.It provides you all the sizes which are required for social media such as tik tok,youtube, instagram, IGTV. Like other video editors,this app also gives you a variety of tools like trimming,repositioning of clips, addition of colour and changing of fonts for texts, changing the duration ,adding effects and music and many more.One feature which is outstanding is that you can apply effects to multiple clips without any need of applying it to individual clips manually.


You can even upgrade to pro versions if you want for which you will have to pay,but without any upgradation this app is powerful. It does have a watermark, but you can remove it  by watching an ad to export it without a watermark.This app is simpler and  does not have advance features to support multiple audio or video layers, but can be definitely used for short sharp videos on  social media platforms.

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On Android it is the most professional video editing app right now. You can find various  tools and effects which are mainly available on desktop video editing softwares. The features like equalizers, audio ducking, advanced key framing, ripple edit to edit the video footage faster, video presets or layouts to set two different clips on the screen at the same time etc. which  makes it different from all other apps available. 


The downside of this app would be that it doesn’t allow you to change formats in between the editing,you have to first select the size of the video clip according to the purpose and then start editing and also the colour grading tools available are basic.But they have there own store available in the app from where you can avail more effects, colours, themes by paying some penny.This app is free but if you want to remove its logo or watermark  from video clip you will have take any of its subscription. But this app is pretty good and intuitive for those who are just a beginner to intermediate  or advanced.

Adobe Premier Rush

Ever thought of a video editing app which gives 2gb of cloud storage for free! Yes Adobe Rush comes with it. It is an alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro which syncs your project automatically to the cloud such that it remembers all your latest edits.It includes built-in access to professionally designed motion graphics templates. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

You can trim, reaarange, add filters, colours, animated graphic transitions and for adding music you can even record a voiceover directly in it and use the audio panel to make it sound clear and professional.Using social presets and publishing features of this app you can directly export your video on any social media platform of your choice.


This app is like Inshot in terms of its interface, easy to use and intuitive.But it definitely has  more advance features than Inshot. The powerful features of this app is that you can stack your video layers and adjustment layers where you can add colour grades or filters to certain sections at one go.It is again a free app and you can remove the watermark by just going through an ad.It also has a premium version which has one time subscription, that is you just have to pay once and can use it for lifetime.

So, if you are into editing videos or interested in learning how to edit videos during downtime, do try these free apps to edit your videos efficiently and at a faster pace. We at Apollon.One mostly work on contents requeted by users and friends. Do contact us for you requests and suggestions.

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