5 Cooking Apps for Home Cooks

Cooking is an art which anyone can cultivate at any point in their life. For some it may be a passion and for some others it may be a pastime activity. In this digital world, instead of referring recipe books, you can easily get the recipes of cuisine online through modes like YouTube, Instagram and through various cooking apps. The following are some of the top cooking apps which will help you improve your culinary skills.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3
Paprika Recipe Manager 3

For people who collect recipes, this is a perfect app for them. This app has a built in sync and it does a very good job by syncing to all the devices by just creating a free account.  It is basically a recipe manager but you can also find recipes using its built in browser or they have a ton of recommended sites from where you can download and save them in your recipe manager. It also help you manage healthy eating routine. This app also has the provision for creating categories like main courses, desserts etc. Listing of groceries, planning meals, addition of timers are other features of this app. So this can be considered an all in one application.

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Yes Chef
Yes Chef

This is an accessible app especially for a person with no vision. It gives all the cooking instructions just by talking. It is a free app with around 150 thousand recipes in its catalogue .Just by saying “Chef, let’s get started”, all the instructions comes via voice assistant, and once it is completed you can ask the chef about the next step and the process goes on. The only backdrop of the app is that you cannot add your own recipes to the app. So, it’s a hand free voice activated app and accessible for everyone.


It is an app which helps you find a recipe with all the ingredients you have at that time.It gives the step by step procedure to make food including the chopping of vegetables and the temperature and time for which it should be set,so it is helpful for people who are accustomed to cooking on their own.It has over I million recipes which can be saved. You can create diets using various recipes. It is a free app with advertising.

Big Oven

This app helps you find recipes for any occasion and in preparing grocery list so that you know what you need to cook your dish. You can add recipes to big oven by typing them or if it is in paper, you can just take a photo of it and the apps recipe scan helps in typing it, whereas if you are a premium member then you can add by just entering a web URL or by installing big ovens browser book market. Around 200 thousand recipes by other cooks are also easily searchable in this app. The nutrition facts can be checked and you can also add servings. You can even plan a meal to prepare beforehand by adding it to menu planner and accordingly you can buy your grocery also. So you don’t have to waste your time thinking what to cook and eat for the day every time and neither the food is wasted.


This application is loaded with about 29,000 recipes with features to get you going. You can search for your recipes according to dietary considerations or occasion. You can also look for recipe inspiration by going through the nutritional information and the ratings/ reviews from users. You can add the recipes to your favorites and can even email it to yourself. It is a free app and can be useful for your cooking needs.

So, go digital in your kitchen with these few apps and use them to make delicious meals by just trying some different and easy recipes. Hope you enjoyed the article, please do share your comments and feedbacks below. Contact Us – Apollon.One for article requests.

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