Best 5 Apps to Beautify/Edit your Photos

In the past ten years, the advancement of smartphone cameras has changed their role in the professional photography world. From a device which was used for communication, then for capturing images to a tool capable of editing snapshots to a different level. Unfortunately, people are not able to fully utilize the potential of the camera, and hence the image editing application tools become useful. ‘In a world full of filters, why not put a filter on your image!’ – Bella

So here are some top applications that can improve and beautify the quality of your snapshots are :

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Available only for Windows and Mac @

This photo effects app program has many version with the latest one being v2.10.14. It is a free app and it includes many great build-in image adjustment features for editing photos. It offers more than enough colour tools and filters. It includes features like colour balance, colour temperature, hue chroma, hue saturation, shadows, brightness, highlights, curves and contrast levels. GIMP has a variety of tools for photo editing and graphic design that can be easily accessed via the toolbox. It uses layer modes which are in pretty large amount and uses complex photo manipulation compositions. GIMP is a customizable app and if you don’t like the default like, you have a custom setup to change it a bit. It also exports to commonly used file types like JPEG, GIFF, TIFF, PDF, PSD, PNG and many more. It works in a dot xcf file type by default which Is a proprietary file format unique to GIMP and allows you to save layers for future sessions.


Available for Android and IOS

This application is made by Google with a pretty nice interface. If you have ever tried editing your images, you may realize that the options available in your proprietary camera or any other social media inbuilt editing filters and themes are limited. Snapseed gives you a lot more alternatives to edit your photos. One of the most unique effects it has is the ambience, which just kind of lowers or raises the brightness or pop of the image in a way that is different from just raising the brightness or contrast. This application is intuitive and modest.

It has some robust features:
  • Impressive slider controls
  • Vignette Functions
  • Glamour glow filters
  • Correction outlook
  • Spot Healing
  • Vast filter options

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

Available for PCs, Android and IOS

This photo editing app automatically syncs the collection of pictures back and forth between the two apps letting you edit on a go. It has all the essential features such as colour temperature, highlights, saturation, exposure adjustment, built-in tone presets along with crop tool and effects. There is also a flag media from where you can pick or remove an image. This app works both in Android and Mac well. Though many of the features from desktop version have been removed, still the editing capabilities are powerful enough. Once this app is installed, synchronizing with the Lightroom is very easy.

VSCO (pronounced as VISCO)

Available for PCs, Android and IOS

This is one of the first applications that had filters. They have a lot of unique filters that can be applied to snaps. It is free to download and comes with a great set of filters pre-installed. You can also purchase some other high quality presets from their store. So if you are highly specific to how your photo looks this would be a good app to do with. It lets you fine-tune your photos with their customizable features. Like Snapseed, this app also has an interface with a lot of features to crop, adjust, split tone and many more to take your images to the next level. Along with photo editing, this can also be used for video editing. It also has a social feature where you can easily share your snaps and follow other people under viscose explore tab. It also showcases some photo stories from great contributors. Hence, it is one of the most valuable tools any smartphone can have.

Photoscape X
Photoscape X

Available only for Windows and Mac @

This tool can be used to edit both raw pictures from your camera and JPEG images. It has features like a photo viewer, collage maker, gif creator, several batch options and various filter tools to enhance an image. This app is available for windows10 and Mac and those who are running an older version of Windows for them a link of Photoscape X 3.7 is available. If you want additional features you will have to pay around $40. But for most people, the tools in the free version of this app will be enough to transform an image.

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